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Lunar Logs

HTML/CSS/JS & Node.js & MySQL


Lunar Logs is a database-driven web application that hosts up-to-date moon data and personal horoscopes by use of data collection and storage in MySQL. The site grabs locational data from the user to display astronomical data, and users fill out a questionnaire to receive their daily horoscopes.


Lunar Logs uses MySQL to store user data and its corresponding astronomical/astrological data associated with the user's location and profile information. Astronomical data is calculated using the SkyField API, while the astrological data is extracted from AstroDataBank. Node.js modulates the server-side code, and acts as the intermediate between the databases and the front-end of the site.


For future developments, Lunar Logs can provide a more diverse spread of astronomical data. For example, rather than simply offering moon data, it can also include information about other celestial bodies, constellations, upcoming meteor showers, and other elements of the sky that astronomy enthusiasts would find useful. I also think it would be cute to add a "diary" page so that users can jot down and save anything that comes to mind as they navigate the site.