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Python & Tkinter


Hangman is written in Python and displayed using the Tkinter GUI. This program embodies the classic game of Hangman-- The computer chooses a random word of a certain category that the player must guess letter-by-letter. With each incorrect guess, a body part is added to Bob, our to-be-hanged man. Once Bob gains all of his body parts, the player loses. If the player manages to correctly guess the word before Bob is hanged, the player wins!


The Hangman game first chooses a randomized word out of 5 categories within a database. A graphical keyboard is diplayed at the bottom of the screen which is for the user to choose their letters that they guess to be a part of the given word. Each incorrectly-guessed letter on the keyboard turns red and is disabled, while each correctly guessed letter replaces its space in the word and also becomes disabled. Either a "game over" or "you win" screen is displayed depending on if all the body parts appear under the scaffold, or if all the letter of the word are filled.


In future updates, Hangman could include a timer to add a layer of time pressure on the players. If they fail to guess the word within the time limit, the game over screen appears. Another idea is to introduce power-ups that offer hints or extra guesses to aid players.